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Pollen is one of those airborne particles in the environment that cause allergies. You’ll hardly know when there’s a potential pollen threat. pollen is not visible through the naked eye. It travels through the air. Springtime and summertime are the most crucial months of the year. That is because during this time pollen contaminants in the air is very high. How will you know if there are potential dangers? There are several symptoms and among those are runny nose, fever and others. This is also called hay fever and it also associated with allergic rhinitis.

The pollination during spring time is the culprit. What you need to do is to keep away from park. It is best to avoid having picnics nearby the trees and plants. In this place, the pollen in the air is very high. Most people don’t know that the male plant produces pollen as a means to fertilize the female plants. It is usually transported to the female plants by 2 means. One is through insects and the other 1 is through the wind or air current. 

Usually, pollen comes in in a larger quantity when distributed by the wind. Although, this is good for nature balancing, it is not good for people. Especially those with allergies. There are no specific distinctions on what type of allergy these people have. It is quite impossible to avoid it especially during summer and spring time. Did you know that in the US, there are some areas where plants are not allowed because of its health hazard to humans?

One of the sign of pollen allergy is sneezing. Though, there are some who suffers from coughing, runny nose, and congestion in the lungs too. You should look for area where there are lesser trees and plants. This will be very helpful to you especially if you are suffering from serious allergy. But, can someone get enough of the pollen at home? What most people do not know is that pollen, dust and mold thrive in their HVAC system. You have a furnace at home at day time. You have AC on in the evening. The pollen may come into your home circulating through the ductwork. Most of the pollen will settle in the ductwork and will be a part of the debris layering in the system.

Even if the pollen season is over, summer will come over in a snap and you need to turn the ac on all the time. the pollen collection in the air ducts will show off again. It will start to flow in the air and you will start to sneeze and cough all over again. But there are simple ways to stop the pollen from ruining your life.

  • Changing the filters of the furnace all the time. If the filters of the furnace are of the highest quality, it can trap the pollene in the air. You have to know that half of the amount of pollen can penetrate into your home through the filters. You can ask Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Scottsdale firm to take charge and inspect the HVAC if it needs cleaning. The Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Scottsdale technicians are the ones who can help you when it comes to stopping allergens at home.
  • Hire a home cleaner for carpet and furniture cleaning. Your carpets and furniture at home can also trap pollutants. It is best to have them clean. Thorough cleaning is possible with commercial cleaning companies for the whole house. But, this is different from the city air duct cleaning. They specialize in HVAC cleaning and restoration. The Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Scottsdale will be the one to clean the ductwork to make sure that no debris is clogging the system. They are responsible for the cleaner air that you breathe.
  • Submit your air ducts for Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Scottsdale AZ. Air duct cleaners like us can help you remove the pollen and dirt from the air ducts. If you have not had your air ducts cleaned for years now. There may have been pollen and debris piling up in the system. They are circulating in your home. Part of the air you breathe comes from the unfiltered air. That means the air is not clean anymore.

If the allergies are making your life miserable. It might be because of the ductwork. Molds, pollens, dust, mites, bacteria and fungi might be thriving into your HVAC system. The pollen from the whole time have is being ignored. They are in a safe haven while they are in the duct system. You can solve this problem. You do not have to wait any longer. We have technicians that will clean up the air duct using high powered vacuums. These can get rid of the layer of debris in the ducts. You will be happy with the result of the Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Scottsdale AZ. It will be a big relief for you and for the whole household.